DealzPage Reviewed: Read Before Buying

Everyone loves a bargain, and people easily bite into a good deal when they see one; deals simply attract buyers to your business and allow for the possibility of bigger sales. Online, this is done through specialized e-commerce platforms like Groupon; using these platforms, however, can be expensive to the point that some merchants call it unfair. As such, it is always best that you are in control of your own deals, and Harpreet Kaur has a new product called DealzPage that will make this possible for you.

This new product is going to see launch a day from the time of this writing — that is, January 23, 2020, and the launch is going to come live on that date at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. This new product is a tool that lets you create your own deals in your websites without relying on Groupon and similar deals-based e-commerce platforms. It features tools that increase conversion, full control on the information you put into your deals, page control features, social sharing, and responsive page design. You can use this product for your own business, or you can use this to create deals pages for your clients, and this comes in two versions: the Pro version for $21.95 and the Advanced version for $23.95.

DealzPage sure is a promising product, and you will certainly know more about it in a review that we will add to this post after its launch has gone live. If you want to check out our review, don’t hesitate to add this post to your bookmarks and return to this page shortly after the launch begins.

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