Cute Dino Activity Kit: A Highly In-Depth Review

Depending on which year you were born and what sort of movies you have been watching, you might think of dinosaurs as either of these two things: terrifying (mostly) gigantic reptiles or cute cartoon creatures trying to escape some sort of impending doom. The latter image — minus the impending doom part — is the most popular image of these majestic creatures to children, which is why it is a popular theme to low content books (LCBs) aimed at children. There simply is a good demand for such books, and if you are looking to publish one yourself, Fruitful Creatives has a new product that should interest you. It is called Cute Dino Activity Kit and it will launch soon.

This new product is scheduled to launch today, September 29, 2020, and it is a huge package of dinosaur-themed illustrations designed specifically for children’s activity books. It will come with an unlimited print on demand usage rights and full-fledged commercial rights. This essentially lets you take advantage of the popularity of print on demand children’s activity books on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform, and you can avail of it for the price of $17.

Cute Dino Activity Kit will come live at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, which is a couple of hours from the time of this writing. Add this article to your bookmarks if you are looking to know more about this offer and watch out for updates on this launch and a comprehensive review on this product that we will add to this post after it has launched.

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