A Comprehensive Review of CTA Bots

Mike from Maine and his partner have designed a brand new piece of software called CTA Bots that allows you to create irresistible CTAs (Call to Action). A good CTA is what drives both sales and clicks crazy high. But what does it take to create a killer CTA? An effective CTA does not only rely on its design and graphics, but also on the psychological impact it has on people. You want people to actually click on your call to action, but thanks to the ever lowing attention span of human beings, never has it become a tougher job to do so. Thankfully, the product mentioned above will soon launch on May 19, 2019, at around 10:00 EDT.

CTA Bots is a piece of software that allows you to make awesome CTAs. The software is very newbie friendly and does not require any technical skills or experience to operate. You can create your call to action bot in less than a few minutes. To make your first bot on CTA bots you simply press on create bot. You do not have to worry about complicated modules or complex options, everything in this software is understandable and very easy to use. The next step is to edit the bot to your liking. You can give the bot a name, which will only visible to you so you can navigate between all the bots you have made, and select the bot you want to use from a wide selection of characters. You can also choose what animation sequence you want your bots to actually make. After that, you can let the bot speak by putting text in the “speak text” text box. You can also put text that will show on your CTA in the “show text” text box. You can also optionally put a countdown timer to make a sense of urgency. Finally, you can customize what your CTA box will say and where that box will take anyone who clicks.

Sounds interesting? Well, you can get everything mentioned above for the price of only $27. If you want to start creating killer CTAs for your site or if this product just appeals to you then save this page by bookmarking it. We will soon be updating this post shortly after the product has launched with more information regarding it.

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