CoverFox: Is it Worth Buying?

Mark your calendars for the 13th of May, 2019, 11:00 EDT. When writing an eBook what comes first into mind? Maybe you could say content. Yes, that easily would be true, a book’s content is very important. You want to write and compose your own book to have the best content out there so that your readers and viewers can enjoy reading it. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” would be the perfect saying to accompany what I just stated. However, a book’s cover is just as important as its content. Some people, like you, may be good when it comes to writing, but absolutely terrible in graphic design. Well, say goodbye to all your book cover worries, thanks to CoverFox, a brand new product created by Jeremiah Villagomez.

CoverFox will only cost $17, and you will soon see why it is worth it. Some writers out there spend thousands of dollars on freelancers trying to have the best possible cover art for their book, and some of those people barely get enough profit to at least get back what they spent. Gone are the days of hiring freelancers or spending hours or days learning and making cover art. This product contains over 150 done for you professional looking eCover designs that will help you and your book gain instant credibility. Save both time and money with this amazing product.

CoverFox is going to be amazing for people who have amazing writing skills that want to save time, money, and effort. This post will soon be updated with the latest information and details regarding this product. If you wish to know more, then simply hit that bookmark button on your browser so you can save this page. That way, you can easily navigate your way back here once the product has launched.

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