ConvoBots: A Complete Software Review

Landing pages have to be attractive and present something that its visitors will want to do. Otherwise, a lot of that traffic that you have painstakingly diverted to your landing page will end up having to leave upon stepping in, disappointed, bored, or simply unengaged. You can do plenty of things to spice up your landing page, but Karthik Ramani has one rather unique idea that can potentially help improve your conversions: turn your page into a huge chatbox. This will be made possible with ConvoBots, a new product of his which will launch on this date, November 12, 2020.

This product is a tool that practically turns any landing page into an interactive chatbox or, as Kartik puts it, a progressively disclosing page. This ensures maximum engagement, thus giving your lead generation efforts a boost, and increasing your sales. The key here is setting your visitors up with a meaningful conversation that imitates the experience of getting guided by a helpful sales person when you visit a store. On top of this, the tool also comes with a lead capture feature that integrates well with your autoresponder.

The upcoming launch of ConvoBots is going to start at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, and it will be available by then for $37. Yes, it will be out in a few hours, and we will be sure to be around once it does. You see, we will update this article with a full review of the product, and it should be live shortly after the launch has kicked off. Come back by then if you want to know more about this new offer, and be sure to bookmark this page so you can access it easily at any time you wish.

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