A Review on Conversion Champ

Today, the 29th of June 2020, a brand-new product developed by Eric Hammer, called Conversion Champ, will be officially hitting digital market shelves. Humans are social creatures, and our actions depend highly on other people’s approvals. This concept, known as social proof, is heavily used by businesses to entice others to purchase their services or products. Unfortunately, so many businesses use product reviews and live countdown timers that customers no longer care about such, resulting in much lower sales.

This creates a problem as people no longer have the fear of missing out (FOMO) and have essentially become blind from “social proof” as they tend to skip product reviews and countdown timers. Conversion Champ is a software that has multiple features that will help boost your conversion rates by a significant amount. Some of its features include reviews being displayed at random to a customer, people buying the product displayed live to a customer, and even live countdown timers that remind the customer of the product while they scroll through your site. Plus, the software is extremely easy to set up, only needing you to select one from the dozens of options for conversions, then adding a single line of code to your website. The software also features multiple notification types, the capability of working on up to 5 websites, the ability to display up to 10 notifications, and compatibility with almost any site. All these features and so much more for only $17.

Continue to utilize the power of human psychology through creating scarcity, social proof scenarios, and a fear of missing out with Conversion Champs. With this software, you can expect conversions to easily skyrocket. And, it is also very easy to use, that even people who are not adept with technology can easily set this up. If you want to know more about the product, just bookmark this page and return later during its launch date, as a more updated review will be posted during that time.

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