A Comprehensive Review of Cloudly Suites

On June 8, 2019, at exactly 11:00 EDT, Sandy Nayak and his partners Leon Andrew and Sinachi Anthony will be releasing a new graphics design software called Cloudly Suites. The design of an ad or a banner dictates whether many people will click or engage with it. Poor design barely gets any clicks or engagement, but when the design is visually appealing, many people click on the ad. You might be thinking to yourself: “How on Earth am I going to make stunning visuals when I do not have any graphic skills in the first place?”

Cloudly Suites aims to be the solution to a problem that has been lingering for so long. It is an all-in-one design and animation software that has a simple interface and is easy to use. With this software, you can either start with a blank page for designing your own logo, ads, or posts, or alternatively choose a template to create stunning images, videos, and gifs. Why force yourself with Photoshop when you can use a software that can produce the same stunning results without complex options and settings? Plus, this software comes with video animation. Basically, you can create your very own stunning animated videos here as well. It has a unique layering technology so you can add multiple animation effects to different portions of the image as well as a wide selection of eye-catching transition effects.

With this product, you can create an unlimited amount of marketing creatives, such as logos, banners, ads, gifs, and animations. The editor is also fast and responsive as well. It is a cloud-based application too, meaning you do not have to worry about installation or download. The program also autosaves your work periodically ensuring you that you will not lose all your hard work due to one unfortunate mishap. The best part is that this product contains over 1600+ templates to choose from.

Cloudly Suites is priced at around $30. If this product interests you, then we highly recommend you save this page by clicking on the bookmark button on your browser. We will soon be following up with an update to this post with more information about the product and its individual features, so stay tuned for that.

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