Cloud Software Review: CloudFunnels

Funnels make for a very engaging sales or opt-in tool. It practically leads your visitors towards taking your desired action, be it to buy a high-ticket offer or simply add themselves voluntarily to your email list while keeping them hooked throughout the entire process. This can be achieved through a well-written content, a nice little minigame, or a well-crafted video followed by a process that compels them to do what you need them to. Arguably, this is easier said than done, and Cyril Jeet has a new product that can make them a lot easier for you. It is called CloudFunnels and it will not be long until we see this product launch.

This product is a comprehensive funnel builder that practically puts a lot of control on the funnel creation process in your hands. It also has features that prevent other people from stealing your funnels through funnel-hacking. It is cloud-based so you can install it into any system. Furthermore, it supports AMP, Zapier, major payment platforms, and major autoresponders. With all of these features, we certainly find it strange that this product only costs $47.

CloudFunnels is going to be launched in a couple of days from now. The product will be out on Friday, May 22, 2020, and it is expected to go live by then at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Now if you are looking for more info on this offer before you decide whether or not it is worth purchasing, just add this post to your bookmarks and check out this article again after the product has gone live. This post will be updated by then with a full review.

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