Review: Can Cloud Defender v3 Local Edition Really Keep Your Site Safe?

Security is a very hot topic in the WordPress scene these days and rightfully so. It is something that should be tackled every now and then, simply because cybersecurity threats keep evolving and adapting as WordPress’ security measures keep improving. It is pretty much an arms race between any site and cybercriminals, and you will need to keep up. Now you certainly do not need to pay a premium on security software for that matter. Sometimes, all you need is a good plugin that finds the vulnerabilities in your site and has the right fixes to patch those up. This new offer from Matt Garrett must be one such product. Called Cloud Defender v3 Local Edition, we will see it come live today, June 8, 2020.

To be launched this morning at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. This brand new product is the third and latest update to the bestselling Cloud Defender site security package. It will come with four plugins and it provides your site with firewall protection, a Cloudflare setup, SSL and encryption, and protection against data scrapers, to name a few. It will be launched for the price of $15, and it sure over-delivers feature-wise.

The launch of Cloud Defender v3 Local Edition will be live really soon, and shortly after then, we will update this page with a full, comprehensive review of this new WordPress security suite. Now bookmark this page if you are interested in this offer and make sure that you come back for our review not long after the product has launched.

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