Great Ads Made Easy: A Review of ClickAd

In spite of the rampant ad blindness that has become prevalent on the Internet, online advertising is alive and well. It remains a viable way to promote just about anything, always generating highly targeted paid traffic to any landing page. On top of the ad blindness phenomenon, though, not all ads end up getting clicked, and not all clicks end up turning into profits. Making sure that your advertisement delivers has so much to do about its design, and Abhi Dwivedi and Vivek Gour have a new product that is designed to help you out in this, and it is called ClickAd.

This new product will see launch today, November 23, 2020, and it is a tool that lets you create highly profitable ads for Google and Facebook, and then helps you effectively run your advertisement campaigns. All of these can be done in a single dashboard, which also happens to be quite intuitive and easy to use. Make no mistake, though, as you will not do the heavy lifting here; the tool is powered by an A. I. that creates highly effective ads based on proven practices, and then takes care of the rest for you.

ClickAd will be out this morning at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, and at this point, it should cost $67. That is practically the price of a triple A software, but does this new product deliver triple A quality as well? That should be known in a review that we will add to this post in a short while after the product has launched. We recommend that you come back for it by then, and feel free to add this post to your bookmarks for easy access as well.

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