A Cool Review of Characools

The reason why some people totally despise PLR products is because they are often of very low-quality. It is very rare nowadays that you will come upon high-quality PLR products that can actually pay for themselves. Some of these PLR products that promise to actually pay for whatever expense you made to purchase them barely rake you in a profit. Ivana The’s new product called Characools is an amazing new PLR product that not only is in very high-demand, but also very cheap and easily profitable. This product is set to be officially launched on June 18, 2019, at around 11:00 EDT.

You can get your hands on this product for the front-end price of just only $17. Getting high-quality characters for your explainer videos, animations, or presentations can be very expensive. Some character bundles cost at least a hundred dollars. But with Characools, you are not only getting one character set for $17, but 42 character packages in SVG, AI, and PNG format. All these characters for not even the price of one character set. In total, that is 900 SVG files, 900 PNG files, and 900 AI files, for a total of over 2 700 files overall. You can easily add these characters to your marketing videos or designs in order to make them more attractive. Plus, thanks to PLR, you can either use it for your own designs or video projects, use it for your client’s design or video project, or edit, rename, and rebrand this product and sell it for personal use rights for no less than $9.

Characools is an amazing PLR bundle that solves all your character needs for your presentations, explainer videos, or marketing videos. In fact, you can also use the characters for posters, banners, shirts, or even mugs. Sounds interesting? If yes, we will be posting an update covering all details regarding this product. To read this said update, bookmark this page, then, come back here shortly after the product has launched.

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