A Simple Review of Noel Cunningham’s Channel Wizard

Video campaigning is one of the best ways to reach your audiences, and yet a lot of businesses, small and big, often neglect their YouTube channel. Yes, some businesses have fully optimized their other social media accounts, but YouTube is a fast growing platform and it would be wise not to miss out on this opportunity. A YouTube channel however, is not only comprised of the videos or content that the creator made, but also of channel art. Channel art is an important aspect of YouTube, as it makes your channel look simply better and more legit. Although it may be difficult, Noel Cunningham will make it a relatively easy process with his brand new software called Channel Wizard, and it will soon launch on May 31, 2019, at exactly 10:00 EDT.

Channel Wizard will soon come with a price tag of $20 once it is out. Photoshop is a great way to make engaging and stunning visual channel art. Unfortunately, Photoshop is very complex and is not for those who lack skill. This product however is the solution to all your channel art problems. It comes with guidelines that tell where your logo should be and what will be displayed in different devices. Its editor is also a simple drag-and-drop style, so you no longer have to actually worry about layering or other complex options. The software comes with 30 various templates that can be used for different purposes. Of course you can edit these templates in order to personalize them or make them even more beautiful. Customization of channel art in this software is easy with sliders and drop down menus. If ever you get stuck, there is a help button that gives in-depth help to the user.

Channel Wizard is great for people who want to make channel art but are unfamiliar with graphic design let alone Photoshop. This post will soon be edited with an update containing our full review and more information regarding the product’s features. So, if you are interested, save this page by hitting that bookmark button on your browser and return shortly after the product has launched.

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