A Detailed Review of CB AUTOMATOR

Affiliate marketing is a very profitable business, but if you are looking to make it big in this sort of business, you either need to have a good strategy in hand or a good tool to make the whole thing a lot easier for you. We have found such tool in the form of CB AUTOMATOR, the latest offer from Ankur Shukla and his team.

This product is a site building plugin that runs on full automation. What this plugin does is that it imports and publishes reviews for top products in ClickBank, and these reviews will include images and call to action elements. Now don’t expect to start with an empty site, though, as the plugin will come prepackaged with 30 articles, as well as features that facilitate social sharing. We assume that all of this will involve a drag-and-drop site editor or something similar, as it gives you the ability to put content and site elements where it pleases you. The plugin can also populate your site with 30 affiliate offers with 100% approval rates. This product will be available for $27 for this launch.

Ankur will launch the CB AUTOMATOR is scheduled to be launched on August 14, 2019. The launch is set to go live on that date at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. We will surely update this page with more information on the product by then, as we expect to learn more about this upcoming offer in the rather long wait. We will also add to this post a full review of the product right after it goes live; bookmark this page and be sure to return for our review, if you are interested in this product, that is.

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