How Bankroll Works: A Review

Any affiliate marketing venture thrives on traffic, and generating traffic to your offers can take a lot of work. Traffic brings in visitors that you can then engage in one way or another, allowing for the possibility of sales or organic word of mouth promotion. Now there are many ways to get more traffic for your online business, and Dan Ashendorf has recently figured out one that can practically change the way you do traffic generation. He will be detailing it in his product called Bankroll, which is going to be launched today, December 9, 2020.

This product introduces us to a certain loophole that you can exploit to obtain massive amounts of traffic for your offers. Dan calls this a “hack” and this takes advantage of what are essentially abandoned content. These are the types of content that are no longer updated for some reason, yet still are able to suck in traffic. How you can exploit abandoned content is something that we will learn once the product is launched. This product will be available for only $10 at the beginning of this launch, so why not?

The launch of Bankroll is set to start this morning at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. More info on this product will most likely come our way by then, so expect us to update this post accordingly should that be the case. What we are more sure of, however, is that we are going to add a complete review of this product soon after the launch has started, so if you need to learn more about it, bookmark this page and be sure to check out this post after the launch commences.

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