A Software Review of AppJumbu

On the 31st of July 2020, Aravind J will be launching his brand-new software application product called AppJumbu. Being able to record your daily expenditures could be extremely helpful. However, it is true that it can get difficult to keep track of it over long periods of time. Sometimes you can even lose track of it and you have to start all over again. Spreadsheets can be a good solution, but they too can get bulky and hard to navigate over time. Here is where the product above steps in.

Once launched, AppJumbu will be initially priced at $25. It is a fully-fledged yet simple-looking mobile management application that tracks your budget and expenses. The product will help you plan, record, summarize, and even analyze your day to day expenditures. In addition to being able to record your daily expenses such as for travel, rent, utility, or whatnot, it will also help you organize your income such as commissions, profits, and much more. The application supports up to 74 different languages in total. Plus, you get to create multiple lists or books to track your profit or expenses even more effectively, and you can even export it to an excel sheet if you want to.

If you are looking to have an upgraded management application, then AppJumbu may just be perfect for you. Since it is a mobile app, that means you can easily track your expenses and even profits anywhere you go. If you still want more information about the product, do not worry, we will be publishing an article discussing the product in full after the official product launch. To read that, simply bookmark this page and return really soon.

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