WP Plugin Review: AffiliCompare

There are so many ways to sell affiliate products. One popular affiliate selling tactic is to compare them with one another. People can certainly appreciate guides that will help them make the best purchasing decision, and it is the sort of content that draws plenty of traffic not only to your site but also to the affiliate products that you offer. Comparison tables, in particular, are very effective when it comes to drawing traffic from prospecting buyers. Such a table, understandably, takes time, and if you are looking to make the job a lot easier, you might want to check out AffiliCompare, a new product from Kurt Chrisler and his team.

This product is a WordPress plugin that lets you create affiliate product comparison tables on your site. It lets you edit these tables as you please, providing you with features that let you add as many rows or columns as you want, insert images, add affiliate links, and customize the visuals as you please. It will cost $27, and the plugin comes with an unlimited site license for this price. If you want it cheaper, though, you can get it soon after the launch starts for the price of $17.

Kurt will launch AffiliCompare today, March 24, 2020. The product is scheduled to go live this morning at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. If this product piques your interest as it does ours, bookmark this post and return soon after the launch comes live. We are adding a full review of this offer to this post at that point.

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