WP Plugin Review: AffiliBooster

Affiliate marketing is certainly one of the most lucrative ways to make money on the Internet. It can be set up as a passive source of income — which is a very big plus in itself — and it is very possible to earn big from nothing more than the commissions that you make for every sale. Success in affiliate marketing, however, has a lot to do with working your way towards generating traffic and engaging your audience such that they eventually become interested buyers. Engagement is the key here, and Kurt Chrisler is going to offer a new way to engage with your buyers in his upcoming product AffiliBooster.

This brand new product is a plugin that practically turns every single image in your site into what Kurt calls a “shoppable image.” That is, the tool turns your site’s pictures into ministores that lets your visitors browse and purchase relevant affiliate offers from the image itself. It works for any affiliate program in any niche, and it does not require you to work with any API, which definitely significantly cuts the workload down. This plugin will be out today, December 11, 2020, for the price of $17.

AffiliBooster is set to go at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, supposing that everything goes smoothly. We are set to update this post with more information on this product as we approach this launch, and once this launch has gone live, we are going to have this post updated with a complete review. If you want more information on this offer, we highly recommend that you add this page to your bookmark list and be sure to come back after the launch has started for our review.

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