A Comprehensive Review of AdImpress

Say hello to AdImpress, a brand-new product developed and created by Bayu Tara Wijara and Sam Arief. From a business perspective, we could all agree that ads are extremely important. Ads are used to reach out to a wide audience of potential customers. However, ads need to be attractive and should be able to persuade someone to take action and click on the ad to actually be effective. You want your ads to have stunning and engaging CTAs that will result in skyrocketing CTR. Unfortunately, creating amazing ads requires you to have mastery in both graphics design and complicated software.

All of that is going to change once AdImpress will launch on the 28th of July 2019, at around 10:00 EDT. This new product contains video, graphic, and social media ad templates, which all come in the form of a PowerPoint file. The product allows you to easily create amazing and attention-grabbing ads that can increase your click substantially especially in social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. With the templates, you can create sales video ads, square video ads, story video ads, carousel ads, carousel story ads, ad banner promotion, square ad banner, and so much more without any hassle. Since the ad templates come in PowerPoint, you can easily edit them without much difficulty and without the need of complex software.

Stop staring at your computer screen for hours trying to piece together the “perfect” ad when you can just get AdImpress for an insanely low front-end price of only $17. With this product, you simply have to choose one of the templates, edit it with your own text, image, or brand, and simply export your ad as an image and you are done. More information containing more details about the product’s contents is on the way, so if you wish to know more, we recommend you to click on your browser’s bookmark button. Be sure to come back here a short while after the product has launched so you can read our updated post.

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