Addictive Site Builder: Addictive and Automated Content Reviewed

Igor Burban will be releasing a new product that is a WordPress plugin and theme combo called Addictive Site Builder. Building a site is very tiresome. First, you have to worry about designing the site itself including its design, layout, and navigation. Then, you want to spread the word and connect the site to your social media accounts. And you would also want to constantly update the site at least daily with new content. What if you can automate both site creation and content creation? This is the solution that the product is offering, and it will launch on June 18, 2019, at 10:00 EDT.

Addictive Site Builder allows you to build viral and addictive sites with automated content and daily traffic. With this website builder, all you have to do is to just setup your site, and forget about it. It basically works in a way so that once you have created your site, the plugin carefully curates and automatically adds new content to your site daily so you do not have to spend countless hours searching for content. Plus, the product automatically shares to your social media pages every time a new post is created, allowing it to essentially automate the process of getting and driving traffic to your site. It also has a neat feature of allowing you to place your banner ads and relevant affiliate offers in strategic spots on your site that will generate most views, clicks, and sales. In short, this product offers a solution for automated content creation, automated social media marketing, and automated sales. The best part is that you get everything mentioned for just $22.

Igor Burban’s Addictive Site Builder is the all-in-one automated solution to getting traffic, content, and sales. We are very interested in the product and its features, thus, we will be purchasing a copy of this product for further analysis and for our upcoming complete review that covers all the details of this product. So, if you are as interested as us and want to read our full review, hit that bookmark button on your browser and come back shortly after the date of the product’s release.

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