Activity Book Generator: A Full LCB Software Review

Activity books are a fun way to help children develop their mental and intellectual acuities. For this reason, there is a healthy demand for activity materials like coloring and puzzle books in online publishing platforms like Amazon. If you are into low-content book (LCB) publishing, this is a money-making opportunity that is quite hard to miss. Now you do not really need to be a creative person or have a degree in preschool education if you are looking to publish activity books. Amber Jalink has a new product that will turn this into an effortless endeavor, and it is called Activity Book Generator.

This product is a software that generates activity books in a single click — exactly what it says on the tin, so they say. The software draws from over 1,800 coloring illustrations and 4,000 activity pages for that matter. It comes with two primary components: activity book and coloring book generators. The former creates a mix of activity materials and coloring pages, while you can use the latter to create coloring books for either children and adults. The product will be available for $15 until September 2, after which the price is set to go up to $47.

Activity Book Generator is launching today, August 26, 2020. It will be out this afternoon at 3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. We are hoping to learn more about this product as we approach its launch, and should we obtain more information on this offer by then, you are guaranteed to see it in the review that we will add to this post soon after the product launches. Bookmark this page if you are eager to learn more about this product, and be sure to come back after the launch to know what we think of this new LCB offer.

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