Full Product Review: 3D Virtual Studio Volume 2

A spokesperson video makes for a rather effective way to sell something online. A person talking on-screen simply adds an air of legitimacy to what is essentially a glorified bit of product advertisement, making for a rather convincing pitch. While many marketers shoot their spokesperson videos from where they find themselves comfortable, some would rather take it up a notch and film themselves in front of a green screen to spice up their presentation with custom computer-generated backgrounds. Now Maulana Malik and Ilham Zukarnain believe that you can take this up a few levels higher. Their latest product, 3D Virtual Studio Volume 2, lets you add three dimensional backgrounds to your green screen videos without so much effort.

If you are familiar with the original 3D Virtual Studio, you will know that this product is basically a collection of animated three-dimensional virtual studio sets that you can use as backgrounds for your marketing presentations. Volume 2 — which will be launched at 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time tomorrow, January 29, 2020 — features a huge collection of such backgrounds and a green screen version that you can customize. It will also come with a virtual studio builder that you can edit in PowerPoint, green screen actors if you do not feel like acting the video spokesperson yourself, and video backgrounds.

3D Virtual Studio Volume 2 will be available for $27. Is it worth this much, though? You will know whether or not this is the case in a review that we will add to this post right after the product launches. Just bookmark this page if you want to check out our review, and do not forget to return right after the launch goes live.

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