Firelaunchers’ 3D E-covers Shop: Briefly Reviewed

Humans are wired specifically to be visual creatures. People are more likely to visit and stay on a website with stunning visuals because of the “premium” feel it has, compared to other similar but simpler sites. “Never judge a book by its cover” is a famous quote, but let’s face it, the first thing we see when we look at a book is its cover, and that can either make us want to buy it, or just ignore it. Creating great covers for your eBooks is a difficult task, but this brand-new product created by Firelaunchers called 3D E-covers Shop will take care of all the hard work, and it is set to literally launch on May 31, 2019, at 9:00 EDT.

The product, once out, will be available for purchase for the front-end price of only $15. A book’s cover is just as important as its contents. If we are going to be honest here for a second, nobody is going to purchase a book with an ugly cover even if its contents are just amazing. Bad graphics, design, and presentation will leave a bad impression on a potential buyer or customer, while great visuals will create a higher perception of value. Unfortunately, not everyone can create stunning covers, visuals, or covers, and alternative options like hiring someone or downloading covers are either too expensive or just downright illegal. 3D E-covers Shop will cover all the difficulty of creating stunning covers. The product contains over 250+ 3D e-covers and around 100+ 2D e-cover templates. All these files come in PNG, JPG, AI, or PSD format allowing you to easily customize each and every single one of them according to your own liking.

If ever you do not exactly know how to edit the files, it also comes with tutorials both for AI and PSD files. 3D E-covers Shop is an amazing product that caters to all your eBook creation needs, specifically graphics and cover design. If this product piqued your interest, then we highly recommend you save this page. To do so, simply just hover your cursor over the bookmark button on your browser and click it, that way you can come back here anytime if you want to read more product reviews in the future.

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