PLR Review: 2020 Top Online Directories

If you wish to start a digital product business quick, you might want to sell products with private label rights in order to save time and cut on the costs of developing your own product. Good PLR products are not that hard to find, and we have heard of one that will be launching at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time today, January 21, 2020. This is the latest product from Internet marketer Drew Laughlin, and it is aimed towards people who are looking to get their business listed in online directories. This new product is called 2020 Top Online Directories, and we sure are looking forward to see it go live.

Online directories still matter in this day and age, and this is most especially true when it comes to local and offline businesses. This PLR product is centered around a course that will teach you and your clients how to get their businesses listed to the top 15 online directories. This course covers everything that you will need to know about such directories and how you can get to their lists in a 163-slide PowerPoint presentation. This product is but the sellable part of this package and, naturally, it comes with materials that lets you sell it effectively. This includes a lead generation site complete with a sales funnel, marketing content like graphics and videos, and five reports that show you how to market your business effectively online.

The whole 2020 Top Online Directories package can be yours for $37. If this product sounds enticing to you, just bookmark this page and return to this post shortly after the product launches. We will, by then, add a full review of the offer to this post.

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