A Review of 10xDrive: What a Bargain!

File security is a major concern in this data-driven world, and the first step to achieve this is to simply have decent, well-secured, and easily accessible storage. Secure cloud-based storage is thus very popular in this regard, but the problem is that most of these are available at high recurring payment rates. Addressing this issue, Jai Sharma and Ankit Mehta have developed a new 1 TB cloud storage product that you can avail of for the low one-time price of $97. This new product is called 10xDrive, and it will be out soon.

This new file storage system is cloud-based and can be accessed with any device. It features encryption, file management, backup tools, and file recovery, which makes it a rather secure and organized virtual vault for your precious files. It also allows for easy file sharing via limited-time links as well as group sharing. The whole thing also comes with a file preview and in-built media player that makes it easy for you to check your files within the drive’s environment. Lastly, this virtual drive comes with an image editor which is quite a handy feature for people who like to spice up their pics on the go.

10xDrive is going to launch on January 26, 2020, with the initial price of $47. That would be this coming Monday, and the product is going to come live by then at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. I will not be surprised if you find this product interesting, but if you want to know more about it, just bookmark this page and be sure to come back right after the launch has started. By then, we are going to add our full review of the product to this very post.

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