WP Plugin Review: WpAnalyst

Ranking a website may not be so easy if it has too many unnoticed flaws underneath the surface. As such, it helps that you evaluate your site now and then for errors such that you can apply the needed fix in the soonest time possible and avoid running into problems in the long run. As you may be expecting, this can be very tedious, but there are tools that are designed to make such an endeavor a lot easier. The latest of these is called the WpAnalyst, a new product from Abbas Ravji.

This brand new product is a WordPress plugin that can help you inspect an entire WordPress site, analyzing it for errors, and tracking the site’s Google ranking. Overall, this plugin is intended to clean up your site and make it run more efficiently, in an effort to rank it up in the search engines. You only need to put in the URL of any site, and it will provide you with a detailed analysis that includes information like each of the site’s page’s links and the popularity of each page. If you need to share a page in an effort to boost its rankings, the plugin also has the necessary features that lets you do so in a single click.

WpAnalyst costs $17, and it will be launched on July 1, 2016, at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. We will update this page with a review of this plugin by then, and if you want to check it out before buying, be sure to hit that bookmark button and come back in the near future.

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