A Review of WP Social Contact

The World Wide Web has more or less become social. There is barely no hurdle to communication between two people from different points across the globe, provided that they have access to the Internet. This is thanks primarily to social media, which made it possible for people to interact with each other without the need to be in the same room together or even go through all sorts of formalities. With this given, Internet marketer Ankur Shukla believes that it’s time to ditch the boring old contact forms and keep in line with the times by providing parties interested in your site with a more social solution. He’ll be bringing in this new solution in his latest product, the WP Social Contact.

This new product is a WordPress plugin that adds a new option for your visitors to contact you through your site via social media, on top of the old email-based contact form. It can add up to 20 social media contact options to your contact page, which is promised to increase your conversions. This plugin will be available for the price of $19.

Later today, December 18, 2017, we will be seeing the launch of WP Social Contact. The whole thing will happen at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, and by then, the product will be available for $20. If you want to know more about this new product, do be sure to bookmark this page and return right after the product has gone live. We are surely going to update the product by then with a complete and comprehensive review.

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