A Concise Review of Mick Menesse’s WP DeadBolt Security Plugin

Plugin developer Mick Menesse has launched his latest product at 10:00 AM EDT yesterday, June 20, 2013. It comes at a modest starting price of $7 for a single license and $17 for a developer license.

WP Deadbolt is a WordPress plugin. It aims to increase the security of a WP website by adding a Captcha on the login page, automatic banning of IPs of brute force attackers, alerting the admin of attacks via email, and allowing the admin to ban manually by user type.

This plugin can be easily installed on your website without the need to fiddle with your CPanel and change short links – just upload and activate. Also, you may not need to set up the plugin’s settings at all. The default settings work fine, which is great if you’re not into messing with plugin configurations.

This plugin is so simple yet is worth every penny there is in your $7. It adds features that are simple yet can actually upgrade the security of your website by a notch. It can protect your site best against brute force logins, though it is not known just how well it can stand up against hackers with more sophisticated methods.

To conclude, this is a great security plugin that’s light yet can actually secure your site from brute force attacks. We recommend this for WP users of all levels of skill, and we give this 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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