WP Coursify Review

Ankur Shukla continues to push the boundaries of software innovation with the WP Coursify. Not only is he a top vendor of digital products, but he creates inexpensive but high quality solutions to creating the best money making online courses available. It is understandable for anyone who want to share their expertise with interested students to look forward to the launch, which will take place this year on the 17th of August at 10:00 Eastern Daylight Time.

The front end of the product only cost $20, but the features it offers are worth every penny and it is also user friendly. If you have been looking high and low for an online course creator that does not break the bank, this is the end of your search. WP Coursify offers an alternative to more popular online learning platforms that take 50% of your sales or income. It is an online course creator software that provides you the tools to launch a brand new online course portal in under 2 minutes.

This 1-click course builder sounds exactly like what everyone needs to try, including us. The beauty of this software, aside from the guaranteed high conversions, is that you do not have to decide on purchasing it right away unless someone else tries it. We cannot wait to come up with an unbiased review after we get our very own copy and build away a ton of online courses. For the meantime, the next step is to bookmark this page so that you can check back on the availability of the review.

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