A Brief Review of WooHoo

Everyone loves games and the sense of competition and achievement it brings. As games deliver maximum engagement, it is not strange that many Internet marketers are making use of the concept of a game to interact and get the most out of their prospects. This strategy involves rewarding prospects and leads when they accomplish certain desired actions, often in a way that fosters competition and delivers some sort of achievement. This strategy is called gamification, and it’s quite tricky to pull off. Thankfully, there are tools that does the gamifying work for you, and the latest of these is a new offer from Nico Pins. It’s called WooHoo, and it is a gamified optin tool.

Being an optin tool, the primary aim of this product is to maximize the generation of leads, allowing you to quickly build your list. This optin form will come in the guise of one of three different games developed for e-commerce sites: Card Dance, Slotomania, and Wheel of Coupons. This optin form can supposedly increase conversions from 6% to 33%. A single site license for this product will be available for $27, while a three-site license costs $67. Either way, you get a lifetime license.

The effectiveness of the gamification in this regard is debatable, but we will not jump into conclusions as yet. We will be trying out WooHoo for ourselves and see whether or not it delivers quality work. For that matter, we will be looking out for its launch today, march 12, 2018, at 9:00 Eastern Daylight Time. Our review will be up as soon as the product launches, so bookmark this page and be sure to come back after the launch if you want to check it out.

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