A Review of the Viral Payment System (VPS)

Getting a content to go viral can be quite a difficult feat; your post needs to be at the right place, and at the right time. In any case, your post will need to produce quite a ruckus that’s reflected in the likes, comments, and—the best part—the shares it gets, if it has to be popular in the social media circles it is intended to be shown. Unlocking such social media activity is what Simon Harries and his team offers in their latest product, VPS.

Otherwise known as the Viral Payment System, this product is best described by Simon and company as the very first “micro payment/cloud-based content locker referral system.” What this means is that it forces posts to be shared, liked, or even commented on if a visitor has to view it. It also lets you momentarily lock your content and show the visitor your offers before letting them in. If you wish to go a little softer on your visitors, though, the software also lets you present an exit popup that prompts visitors to share the post before exiting your site or closing the tab/window. It will be available for $27, $27, and $24 price points.

VPS will go live today, January 12, 2017, and the launch will start later at 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. If you want to know more about this product before you decide if it is worth buying or not, just bookmark this page and return in the very near future. Soon after the product is launched, we will review it and update this page with our in-depth review.

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