VidElements, Reviewed

Just about any marketer out there knows just how great videos can contribute to their campaigns. Despite this, though, a lot of marketing videos look like sloppy mess, if not simple, boring slideshows of text or pictures. Videos can, understandably, take a lot of effort to make, and can get quite expensive if outsourced. Now if you want to keep your vids cheap but still looking like it’s made by expert hands, here’s a brand new product that we think you might be interested in: VidElements, a new product from Shelley Penney and company.

This product is one of those kits that can easily spice up your videos. It is a package that contains slick shape elements and beautiful special effects that you can easily add to your video. These effects are done-for-you and pre-rendered, allowing you to easily add them to your videos without the need for complex and expensive post-editing tools like Adobe After Effects. This comes at the expense of customizability, but the amount of content that you’d expect from a $19 media package surely will make up for it.

Shelly and team will launch the VidElements today, and that would be March 8, 2017. We are going to see it launch later in its scheduled time, 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. Now if you want to know more about this brand new product before you decide whether or not to purchase it, do be sure to bookmark this page and just come back later. We will be adding our thoughts on this product—a complete, unadulterated review—to this post by then.

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