Viddyoze 2.0: A Comprehensive Review

The combines brilliant minds of Joey Xoto, Jamie Garside and David Chamberlain are back for an upgrade of a product that they launched way back in September last year. From that launch, they have gained 6000+ users who have started creating their own professional animations with a few clicks. This year, they are launching an upgrade and they call this the Viddyoze 2.0. It will be launched on the 28th of June, 2016 and goes live at 11:00 Eastern Daylight Time.

Viddyoze 2.0 has a totally new user interface with a ton of new templates and advancements in animation technology, while making it really simple for users of the product. In this new release, they are introducing something which they call the 1 click alpha animations. You can now have transparent lower thirds and have video call outs which you can put on top of your videos. Absolutely customizable and anybody can do it with just a click of the mouse. Are you now imagining the things that you can do for your videos? Well, you might want to also think if you are ready to invest $47 to $67 for this.

For some, spending a big amount of money for a product does not really matter if they feel they are getting their money’s worth. With this product, you can do your video creations all by yourself, without the need of paying those high fees for graphic designers to do it for you. If you are interested to find out whether or not this product is worth investing on, please bookmark this post now, and mark your calendar for the launch date. Our detailed review will be appended on this post so make sure you do come back after the launch.

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