Versatile Pictures Reviewed

Images is a perpetual need of many a graphic designer, as a high quality photo can practically spice up just about any design. Just look at what stock photos can do to dull looking websites, or how an appropriate picture can easily drive an ad banner’s message across. Stock photos, however, are understandably expensive. For that matter, the super good folks at SuperGoodProduct are offering an entire library of stock photos for the price of about a dozen. This massive image package is called Versatile Pictures.

This product is a package of over 4,000 high resolution pictures, each of which comes in a format with a transparent background. That makes these images practically useful in pretty much any project of any topic. The cutout images can be easily added videos as well, making these pictures really versatile, allowing this massive image bundle to live up to its name. 4,000 images sure is a daunting number, but it certainly won’t cost you so much; upon launch, it will be available for only $17, going up to no more than $37 during the course of this campaign.

Versatile Pictures will be launching on Saturday this week, and that would be December 30, 2017. The product will be launching by then at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. Once the product has gone live, we will check it out and we will then be updating this page with a complete review. That said, if you want to know more about this product, just bookmark this page and come back again after the launch for our complete, in-depth review.

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