Review: Traffic Playbook

Learning how to generate traffic is a must for every online marketer. Traffic, essentially, can be described as the very life blood of any online business, and taking it for granted can deprive you of any opportunity to make profits. Now there are many avenues through which you can learn how to generate massive amounts of traffic to your site. Often, we turn to one of those online courses that promise the very information that we are looking for; such is this new product called Traffic Playbook from Seth “The Beast” Bias himself.

This product is Seth’s very own traffic cheat sheet. This lays out the three major sources of traffic that Seth uses in his own online business, and successfully at that. It is laid out in an easily understandable manner, and hopefully, it will include plenty of illustration in that regard. This product will be available for the very affordable price of $3.77, and we do expect that, like many “cheap” launches out there, it will come with plenty of upsells.

Should you get the Traffic Playbook, however? Whether or not it is worth your money is something that we are yet to figure out on Friday, which would be August 12, 2016, when Seth is finally launching the product. If you want to be there the moment the product goes live, note that it will be out at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time of that date. We will be reviewing this product as soon as it is launched as well. You will find our review on this post in the near future, so if you want to check it out, just bookmark this page and come back after the product is launched.

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