A Review of “The Appointment Generator”

Sometimes, funnels aren’t always the best solution to making it big as a consultant. The work often requires a personal touch when it comes to getting to prospects, and Josh Turner has a new offer that will show you a new way to drive customers and sales to your consultation business. This product is called The Appointment Generator and, with some big names on tow, Josh will be launching it soon.

This product is a masterclass that will teach consultants how to book more appointments, work on more consultation sessions, and strategies that involve email and major social networking platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. This masterclass will be divided into five parts, which I assume would mean it will either be held in five sessions if live, or divided into five training modules. It will be completely interactive and Josh promises that the training will not leave you with vague or unclear steps. The training will come with Josh’s best seller called Booked, a book (no pun intended) that is all about digital marketing and setting appointments via social media. You can get access to the masterclass for the price of $1,997.

Josh and company will launch The Appointment Generator on this date, February 4, 2019. The launch is coming live not long after the time of this writing at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. We are updating this page with a complete review soon after the product is out, so if you want to learn more about this upcoming release before making the decision of whether or not you should buy it, just bookmark this page and just return some time after the launch has gone live.

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