Plugin Review: Stealth Auto Player

Videos are an effective tool to convert, and for that matter, many video marketers work to make sure that their audience sees their video content. For that matter, many opt to set their videos to autoplay whenever their visitors check out their webpages. Let’s face it, though, many people are annoyed by autoplaying videos and Google decided to act on it by disabling videos on autoplay in Chrome. While that pleases some people, that can easily hurt conversions. If you are looking for a remedy to this, however, Mark Hess has a new product that would interest you, and it’s called Stealth Auto Player.

This product is a WordPress plugin that gives you the workaround to this new Chrome update by basically forcing your visitors to click on your video’s play button. This plugin allows for some customization too, thanks to a bunch of animated effects, buttons, and fonts. A single site license for this plugin will be available for $9, while an unlimited site license can be yours for less than one additional buck at $9.97.

Mark will be launching Stealth Auto Player on May 12, 2018. That is going to be a day from the time of this writing, and it is set to go live by then at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. If this new product interests you, be sure to hit that bookmark button to, well, bookmark this page and just return after the launch, for we are going to add a full review of the product to this post right after it’s release.

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