An Honest and Comprehensive Review of the Socializer

We must admit it, one thing that draws us to purchase a product is when it captures our attention. One way of capturing a potential buyer’s attention is through personalization. One way to personalize is though videos, and if you think that it would be too time consuming to do that, you have to check out the latest product from Lee Pennington and Eric Weiss. They will launch Socializer on the 15th of July 2016 at 3:00PM Eastern Daylight Time.

Socializer is a combination of Social media, video and personalization. It is something that you have never seen before. You can send a unique and personalized video to people on your list and this is done through automation. Everything is done via a cloud based software. This includes video editing and mashing. You basically can come up with 1000 different personalized videos within a minute or two. It also comes with ready-made templates and YouTube integration. You can use it to personalize your video intros and outros, lead pages where you can have people receive a personalized video immediately, or for your eCommerce site to show the name of the last purchase your customer purchased from you.

With something like this that can do very complicated stuff, you would wonder how much would it cost you. Obviously, it is quite high for $197 as an annual recurring fee. So if you want to know if this would be worth spending your hard earned money on, make sure you read our comprehensive review first before you click that buy button. For now, you will need to bookmark this post and remember to come back and check for the availability of our review of the Socializer just right after the launch.

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