Social Media Takeover: A Review

Facebook is the biggest social networking site to date, boasting over a billion users—just about a sixth part of the human population. For Internet marketers, though, this is no mere place to socialize with distant friends, relatives, or strangers. This is also a great site to gather high-quality, targeted leads from. This is made possible by Facebook’s many social features, but recently, more and more are taking advantage of FB Ads for this very purpose. If you don’t want to get left behind and would like to learn how to do so as well, you might want to check out the Social Media Takeover, a brand new product from 99 Social’s Joe Gunn.

This product is a social media service that offers a guaranteed method to find leads in an automated way, such that you increase your sales and find success in social media. The best part is that this does not require you to have any specific business or market on certain niches. What the service does is that it practically takes advantage of a certain untapped power of Facebook’s FB Ads feature in order to help you dominate in social media.

The Social Media Takeover will be available in three price ranges: $99, $159, and $99. It will be launched on June 10, 2016, at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. We will be updating this post with a complete review shortly after the product goes live, and if you find yourself on the fence regarding this product, we recommend that you bookmark this page and come back on the 10th for our review.

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