Shark Notify WP Plugin Reviewed

Converting traffic into sales is arguably one of the trickiest tasks in running an online business. This involves gaining your visitors’ confidence at buying things in your site, and this takes more work than one could possibly imagine. Besides sales pitches, you need to learn strategies to get into what makes your visitors tick, and encourage them to purchase your products in the process. Now Internet marketer and online entrepreneur Dennis Alm has a new way to woo your visitors into making their purchase in your site. This can be done through Shark Notify WP Plugin, a creative little plugin that can increase your conversions through a simple little trick.

What trick is it, you ask? Well, this WordPress plugin simulates a sale in your site by showing your visitors a pop up in your page that shows them a product has been purchased by a certain person. For example, at random times during the visitor’s stay, a small pop up appears telling them that “X product has been purchased by buyer Y.” This is a rather sneaky tactic, but it can effectively trigger herd mentality among your visitors, giving each of them more confidence into buying your wares.

Dennis will launch Shark Notify WP Plugin on May 11, 2017, and it is going to come live at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time on that date for $17. If you are interested in this product, here’s what you need to do: bookmark this page and be sure to come back on the launch. Once the product goes live, we will check it out and update this page with a complete and comprehensive review.

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