SEO Table Software Reviewed

When building a site or setting up an online business, the first order of things next to the construction of one’s web assets is to make sure that the entire site or every single page that is built has to be optimized for the search engines. This is a task that needs to be done by everyone who runs a site, else you end up not being found by search engine users who are looking for the exact thing that your business offers. Search engine optimization is thus a highly profitable business, and what better way is there to promote your SEO company other than telling site owners why they need your service. Information is the key here, and such information is what will be provided by this new product from Mehdi Marani called SEO Table Software.

What this new software does is that it extracts every bit of SEO-related information on a site in just a single click. You can view all the data (which includes page rank and even whois information) in one go, or you can filter out information that’s relevant to your business or online marketing strategy. There will be over 20 of these filters, all easily accessible in the software’s user-friendly interface. You can then compile all of these information through the software into a CSV file. The process is effortless and the output is comprehensive, making this software a must for every marketer and entrepreneur in the SEO niche.

SEO Table Software is available for $9, and it has launched just yesterday, July 29, 2018. The launch is still ongoing, so expect us to add more info to this review from time to time. If you want to keep yourself posted, just bookmark this page and come back in the near future.

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