Plugin Review: SchemaNinja

If you have been browsing for products online or in e-commerce sites, you may notice search results like reviews and products with stars in them, indicating the quality of the item being featured. Stars, also known as schema ratings, draw attention, both from prospecting buyers and search engines alike, and Sam Robinson and his team has a product that will help you take advantage of this. It’s called SchemaNinja, and we will be seeing it launch really soon. 

This product is a plugin that incorporates schema ratings to your site as it appears in Google search results. It takes advantage of the fact that schema ratings build trust and trigger a positive emotional response from your audience, compelling them to visit and increasing the likelihood of viewing your offers and the like. It also helps that Google may be factoring in schema ratings when it comes to ranking websites in the future. 

This product comes in a $25 Lite version and a $27 Pro version. Besides the $2 price difference, the Pro version includes a recommendation feature. This feature allows you to make product comparisons based on its known features and pros and cons. It also lets you add call-to-action and buy now buttons.

SchemaNinja will be launched on June 9, 2016, at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Once it goes live, we will review it and update this post with our review. If you are interested in this product, we recommend that you check out our review. Bookmark this page as well so you don’t lose us!

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