Review: ResponseSuite

Engagement is the key to converting all the traffic that you receive into subscribers or paying customers. There are many ways to achieve engagement even with your most indifferent prospects, and often, these strategies are specific to certain types of campaigns. One of the strategies that work for just about any sort of Internet marketing campaign are online surveys. Surveys can easily engage your audience and entertain them at the same time; meanwhile you get all the information that you need from them which you can use to improve your campaign. Now if you are looking to create surveys but don’t have the coding skills, you might want to check out this upcoming product, ResponseSuite.

This product is a software that you can use to create aesthetically pleasing surveys that you can easily integrate to your autoresponder or CRM of choice. The software not only creates surveys, but also segments the respondents according to the responses they have provided. It will also redirect the respondents to different web pages depending, again, on their answers. A lifetime access to this survey creation software will be available for $297, while an annual license can be yours for a recurring price of $197 per year.

ResponseSuite is going to be launched by Rob J. Temple today, April 4, 2018, at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Once this product is out, we are updating this page with a comprehensive review. If you wish to check it out, we encourage you to bookmark this page and return after the launch.

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