Software Review: Rebake ™

What turns you off the most when visiting sites? You may answer advertisements and bad design, but one of the biggest factor that turns people away from just about any site are slow loading times. Often, site content takes longer than we expect to load, and in such cases, we can’t help but just hit the back button and go somewhere else. Now this is a common problem for anyone running an online business, and Internet marketer Jai Sharma has a solution for that matter in his latest product, the Rebake ™.

This product is a $47 web management tool that can help you minimize the size of your webpages, keeping your site light and your loading times fast. On the side, it has features that allow you to create a site from scratch, edit pages in real time, translate pages, add call to action elements, market your offers, import social media buttons, integrate your site to autoresponders, and more. Its 3D drag-and-drop page editing tool allows for easy editing, compressing and upscaling videos, and even hard coding. It also includes a gallery of background images and analytics for good measure.

Rebake ™ is set to launch today, November 25, 2016, and it is expected to go live later at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Do expect us to update this page with a review shortly after the product has gone live; this could help you make an informed decision before buying the product. If you are interested, just bookmark this page and come back later for our complete review.

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