Proofomo Notify: A Review

Selling something can be quite a complicated affair, especially when faced with resistance from your prospects. Indeed, the trick to getting someone to bite into whatever it is that you are offering is to be able to crack through this defense, and that will have a lot to do with playing around their psyches. Often, this means convincing them that they need your offer and that they have to avail of it as soon as possible, while supplies or the sale period lasts. This—scarcity—is a proven method, and Internet marketer Mikhail Della adds a clever twist to this tactic. He will be showing you how it works in his latest product, Proofomo Notify.

This product is the course that takes scarcity to the next level. Essentially, it adds what Mikhail calls “fomo,” which is short for “fear of missing out,” along with social proof. This will trigger an interruption in your prospect’s psyche, convincing them to opt in to your offer. Basically, the strategy detailed in this course is scarcity improved in such a way that it generates more conversions than the tactic’s traditional iteration.

Proofomo Notify will be launched on this day, June 21, 2017, and it is set to go live at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. It will be available for $27, but early birds can get it at the discounted price of $24. Once this product has gone live, we will review it and we will update this page with our review right after. If this product interests you, then, we recommend that you bookmark this page and just return later for our comprehensive review.

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