Premium Stock Photos Fireworks Image Collection: A Review

The duo of professional photographers Ed and Sue Mercer is back with a new product in tow. Their latest offering is the Premium Stock Photos Fireworks Image Collection which will go live at 9:00 AM EDT today, June 26, 2013. It will come at a reasonable price of $17.

The Premium Stock Photos Fireworks Image Collection is, as you have guessed, a package of images of 50 high-resolution royalty-free fireworks images. This package is just the first of the 52 collections that will be presented weekly in a variety of niche markets. These images were taken by Ed, a veteran photographer who can boast 35 years of experience in the trade.

Purchasing this image collection will give you a chance to avail of a $97 annual membership to Premium Stock Photo Collections that houses a growing collection of over 3000 high-resolution images that the members can use without risking a copyright lawsuit.

We’ll be getting our hands on this stock photo collection to judge whether or not they’re worth your money. This would be a steal if they actually look great, as stock photos these days cost tens of dollars apiece. If you are interested, you can bookmark this page and come back later for our in-depth review before you make your purchase.


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