A Review of PLR: Premiere Coaching and High Ticket Sales Mastery

The lengthy process of product development it is a fact of life that product creators ought to just live with. However, if you are a mere e-commerce practitioner who are into peddling digital goods, you can easily eschew the product development cycle and simply invest some money on PLR packages. PLR products are basically done for you, and you will not need to do any further than to sell it to the appropriate market. Now if your niche market involves folks who are looking to make money by selling high ticket products, you might be interested in this new offer from Barb Ling and company called PLR: Premiere Coaching and High Ticket Sales Mastery.

This is originally a product by Sean Mize, but was purchased and improved by Barb and her team. It simplifies things that you need to know about creating and selling high ticket products. In Barb’s words, it makes such information skills that can be easily learned by anyone. The information will be mostly available in audio format, and the training is covered in a step by step manner. The entire package is not cheap at $68.

Barb and team will launch the PLR: Premiere Coaching and High Ticket Sales Mastery on this very date, June 28, 2017, and it is set to go live this morning at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Once this product goes live, we recommend that you bookmark this post and just come back later. By then, we will have the product reviewed and then update this page with our detailed assessment of the product.

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