PLR Photographs Reviewed

Stock photos are very versatile pieces of art. They can be used to embellish a presentation, add some life to a webpage, or be used as part of a composite image. While widely available, however, stock photos are usually not free and may cost up to around $10 a piece. There aren’t much alternatives to this other than taking your own photos yourself, or simply be satisfied by the low quality images that you run into in your Google search. Shaun Archer knows this, and he is going to launch a brand new product that addresses this problem. It’s called PLR Photographs and it is launching really soon.

This product is a package of over 1,000 royalty-free photos complete with PLR rights. All these will cost nothing more than $6.95 for this launch, and this is a far cry from the few thousand bucks that you might be spending if you decide to acquire the same amount of stock photos from sites like DreamsTime and ShutterStock. This is a bargain, and we would recommend that you get this product while it is cheap.

PLR Photographs will launch on April 25, 2017, which would be today, and it should go live at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. It will initially be available for $6.95, and this price will go up to $27 as this launch progresses. Once this product goes live, we will update this post with a full review. If you are interested in our thoughts on this product, then, just bookmark this page and come back some time after the launch.

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