Review: PLR Bundle Deal Volume 3

If you are looking to start up a new online business quickly, one of your best options is to sell products with private label rights or PLR. This will let you entirely skip out the product creation process, including tedious and costly work such as research and the product’s development itself. The downside, though, is that you are not the only person selling that particular PLR product, but that’s a small trade off compared to being able to make money fast. Now if you are in search for some great PLR deals to help grow your business or start a new one, Kevin Fahey and his team has a new PLR offer that will interest you: the PLR Bundle Deal Volume 3.

This new PLR package is a whole trove of marketing materials that can be yours for the price of $27. It includes 50 articles, 10 e-covers, 10 infographics, 25 posters for social media, 10 reports, and 10 videos, to name a few. Including what was already mentioned, this package is going to include 220 rebrandable materials. Kevin created these materials in collaboration with Sue Fleckenstein and Justin Opay, two seasoned veterans in the PLR and product launch scene. Sue, in particular, has written some high quality PLR material like articles and entire e-books in the past, so we have little doubt that this $27 offer is going to deliver.

PLR Bundle Deal Volume 3 is going live on October 11, 2018, at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Do be sure to bookmark this page and come back after the launch if you are interested in this product, as we are updating this page by then with a full, comprehensive review.

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