Software Review: PeakSoft

Organizing your life can be a tedious task, albeit very, very rewarding. Just imagine everything in your life running efficiently thanks in part to you organizing your schedule and setting goals. Then again, however, organizing everything can be quite a difficult task, and it helps if there’s someone or somebody that could help you in that regard. Of course, not everyone can afford the services of a personal assistant, so why not that of a software that costs far less? This is what’s exactly being offered in Marty O’Flynn’s latest product, PeakSoft.

This new software is all about management and organization. It combines technologies that are useful for counter procrastination, goal setting, project management, and time management. It can be very useful for individuals who would benefit greatly from an organized lifestyle, as well as businesses big and small alike. This product will be sold as a SaaS or softwar-as-a-service, and as it is, it will cost $9.97 per month, $97 per year, or $497 for a lifetime.

PeakSoft will begin delivering its promises as soon as it is launched on December 27, 2017—that should be about a day from the time of this writing—at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. As soon as we are able to check out this product right after it is launched, we will update this blog with a complete review of the product and the launch itself to keep you posted. That said, if you are interested in this new product and want to know more about it, be sure to bookmark this page and come back shortly after it has gone live.

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