A Review of Adrienne Hew’s Medical and Health Niche Vector Collection

Internet entrepreneur Adrienne Hew will be releasing on June 13, 2013, at 1:00 PM EDT her latest product, the Medical and Health Niche Vector Collection. This graphics pack will cost $9 initially, a price that may or may not see an increase in the long run.

Like Bill Holton’s Looney Vectors, this product is also a package of vector images, this time with a medical theme and completely different aesthetics. As they are vectors, you can resize the images in the Medical and Health Niche Vector Collection using appropriate graphics applications without fearing a loss in quality.

The graphics we’ve seen so far are playful caricatures of medical professionals, digitally drawn with a simple art style that resembles classic newspaper comic characters. Overall, the vectors look decent and pretty much a bargain considering that they cost a mere $9.

We’ve yet to see this vector graphics pack in full, though, before we can make our final assessment. As such, we are looking forward to the day this graphics pack goes live and by then, we will be writing down a comprehensive review. Look forward to it if you are interested in this product and bookmark this page for easy access while you’re at it.


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